TikToker goes viral after Bumble match fakes car crash to skip date

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TikTok Bumble Match
TikTok: guts_and_glory_13

A TikToker by the name of ‘guts_and_glory13’ has gone viral on the app after uploading a video explaining that she caught her Bumble match lying about being in a car accident. 

While TikTok is best known for its constant slew of viral trends and sounds, the short-form video app also has its fair share of spicy stories.

Some of these stories have even helped creators turn go viral enough that they’ve been able to turn uploading videos into a career. See Elyse Myer’s popular Taco Bell date, for example.

Now Sami, who goes by the name guts_and_glory13 on TikTok, has gone viral after sharing her story involving a recent interaction with a guy she matched with on Bumble.

TikToker catches Bumble match in a lie

The video, uploaded May 23, shows Sami using the green screen filter to place herself in front of a picture of her almost date.

“Had a date planned with this guy I matched with on Bumble,” she explained. “He then texted me almost an hour before the date and said he got into an accident.”

She shows a screenshot of her text messages with the man, showing his text explaining that he had been t-boned and had to cancel the date because he was waiting for the cops to arrive.

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Sami then cut the video to show that the man sent her a picture of a damaged two-door white Chevy Camaro.

Skeptical, she decided to reverse image search the picture. Seconds later, the user found it under the search “Camaro car crash” proving that her date had faked the accident.

As the video went viral, viewers took to the comments in support of the TikToker, telling her to send the screenshot of the Google search to her match before blocking him.

TikTok Comments
Viewers took to the comments in support of Sami.

The video has been viewed almost half a million times, with over 800 comments in support of the creator.

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