TikToker gets fired from tech job for posting during work meeting

TikToker fired after posting during work meetingTIKTOK: brokeasshorsegirl

A TikToker went viral after revealing she got fired from her tech job for posting videos during a 4.30am work meeting.

In a viral video with over 367,000 views, Chelle explained that during her online morning meeting at 4:30am, she noticed that she accidentally forgot to place a mug under her Keurig machine, spilling coffee “all over the place.”

Instead of cleaning it up and heading back to her meeting, she decided to film a “quick little snippet of the coffee everywhere” along with her reaction to the spill, then uploaded it to TikTok.

But what she didn’t realize, was that the conference call was audible in the background, which later revealed to her company that she was filming a TikTok video during the meeting. As a result, she says she was fired.

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“They were having a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with me, so I went off-camera, took the 20-second video, and hit upload,” she recalled.

“I did not think anything of it until the next day, when I got called into a meeting with HR and my chief product officer, and they said, ‘Hey, somebody sent us this video, and we are immediately dismissing you from the company for gross negligence.’”

Chelle admitted that she doesn’t believe she should have been fired, but she understands the complexity of the situation, and has used the opportunity of losing her job as a reason to finally start her own business.

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“I am finally combining my two loves: technology and horses,” she shared. “And I am going to build the first ever and number one tool for equine professionals to manage their businesses.”

Viewers react to TikToker getting fired for posting during meeting

Many people were shocked that Chelle had a remote meeting at 4:30 in the morning.

“There is no reason anyone should be in a meeting at 4:30am. they did you a favor. congrats and I love this for you!” one person commented. “A 4:30am weekly standup meeting? Omg,” another added.

“4:30? Is that healthy?” someone questioned, to which Chelle replied “no.”

Some thought TikTok was just an excuse, and not the actual cause of the firing.

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“Somebody has been trying to find something to get you in trouble it sounds like,” one person shared.

“I work in fintech And you should not have been fired. They were looking for some thing,” another claimed. “My sentiments exactly,” Chelle wrote in response.

Others were supportive of the TikToker’s new career goals, which she talked more about in a follow-up video.