TikToker gets $2 burrito at Chipotle with viral restaurant hack

chipotle burrito moneyChipotle, TikTok: hannahhuts

A TikToker has gone viral by pointing out a menu ‘hack’ they’ve discovered at Chipotle that can get you a burrito for a ridiculously cheap price.

TikTok is home to viral bizarre-yet-helpful trends on a near daily basis, many of which are food-related.

On April 12, a former Kentucky Fried Chicken employee went viral on the social media app by spilling “secrets” on how to order at the fast-food joint.

Now, another fast-food TikTok has gone viral… but this time it’s all about the Mexican Grill, Chipotle.

TikToker hacks Chipotle menu

TikTok user hannahhuts posted on April 11 their unique way of saving money by ordering at Chipotle.

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In Hannah’s video, she provides specific ordering instructions: “Lifehack for when you’re hungry and a little broke! Order a pinto bean (extra beans) and cheese burrito at Chipotle. They charge it as two sides. It’s literally $1.94 and it slaps. I order it even when I have money.”

The TikTok has gone massively viral, garnering over 500k views in just two days since posting. In the video, Hannah and her friend are eating two of the cheap burritos they snagged from the restaurant.

The comments were filled with praise for the secret hack that can save people tons of money.

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One user commented, “This was meant for me. I’ve been exclusively doing this for years.”

chipotle burritoChipotle
A typical Chipotle burrito can range anywhere from $6-10 dollars depending on ingredients.

Another user in the comment section, who claimed to be a former Chipotle employee, explained why the burrito is so cheap: “I used to work at Chipotle. It’s called a 3 pointer. Meat/guacamole is 2 points, and anything else is 1 point per side.”

Despite the praise for the secret menu hack, some in the comment section still reported that their local Chipotle wouldn’t let them get away with such an inexpensive meal. If you plan on trying out the cheap burrito trick, good luck in your quest.

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