TikToker furious Best Buy made him pay 11 cents to bag $3,200 worth of items

tiktoker slams best buy for plastic bagsTikTok/mattplapp

A TikToker is going viral for calling out Best Buy after the company charged him 11 cents for a plastic bag after he already spent $3,200 on goods at the store.

To help the environment, many places and governments have pushed consumers to pay extra for plastic bags, but the way it’s being implemented really ticked off TikToker Matt Plapp.

In a video making rounds on the platform, the Plapp and his friend were leaving Best Buy with the camera rolling while they explained the poor customer service they received at checkout.

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“This is us carrying $3,200 in gear out of Best Buy,” he explained. “No bag! Because after we paid, we were told it’s 11 cents for a bag. Okay, thanks Best Buy!”

Sure enough, both he and his friend were stuck carrying their goods and the feedback to the clip has resulted in quite a mixed reaction.

TikTok responds after Best Buy customer slams plastic bag policy

In the comments, the TikToker was accused of being cheap for not paying the 11 cents with some saying he should bring his own bags if he can’t afford them.

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“So the system works, you’re using less bags?” one asked.

“Not really Best Buy’s fault and most people carry a reusable bag if it’s that big of an inconvenience for them,” another said.

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Plapp, however, held his ground that it was the store’s policy and not his state’s: “Crazy states like California have [implemented a bag tax], but this is Kentucky and it doesn’t happen here, or didn’t before Best Buy.”

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In a statement to The Daily Dot, the TikToker explained his issue isn’t with plastic bags per se, but rather how Best Buy handled its policy.

“I have zero issue with them charging for bags. I pay for bags at businesses all the time. My point was that it wasn’t mentioned until after we had already paid for the 5 items, which at that point I’m not pulling my [credit card] out of my pocket to buy an 11-cent bag,” he said.

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He went on to say that getting a bag should be standard practice when someone spends $3,200 on 5 items.

Since being uploaded, the clip has been viewed nearly 400,000 times, showing that the plastic bags are quite a hot topic.

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