TikToker fired from Target after accidentally making mustard gas at work

tiktoker fired for making mustard gasTikTok/ealafaa

A woman was fired from her job at Target after she made mustard gas when she was trying to clean.

Everyone makes mistakes at work at some point, but a TikToker’s massive error not only cost her her job at Target but could also have caused some serious problems at the retail store.

In a clip that’s going viral, TikToker ‘ealafaa’ revealed that she was fired when she mixed Fabuloso and bleach – two ingredients that don’t exactly go well together and can be extremely deadly.

“What I thought was you can mix anything with anything. Like it doesn’t do nothing,” she explained. “Apparently it made mustard gas.”

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TikToker sacked after making mustard gas to clean at Target

According to the TikToker, shortly after the incident, she was called into her boss’s office to discuss the nearly disastrous chemistry project where she found out she would be terminated.

“We reached out to our legal team and they said in our best interest it would be best that we terminate any relationship with you,” ealafaa recalled her manager saying.

However, despite losing the job, the TikToker claimed she was happy to be “free” and called out her fellow employees with a series of insults, calling out some who apparently don’t even work.

“I feel liberated, because that job was depressing me,” she added. “It was coming up in my therapy sessions, that’s how I know it wasn’t good for me.”

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The TikToker concluded her video by urging people in jobs they don’t like to quit before they are fired, but in the comments, viewers encouraged the woman to talk to a legal professional.

“I’m no lawyer, but I feel like you could sue them for giving you mustard gas ingredients and no training?!” one remarked.

“Girl get you an employment lawyer. If they didn’t give you hazardous chemical training, they can’t fire you for that. Get them coins love,” said another.

It’s not clear what the TikToker wants to do, but with over 1M views on her video, she may want to consider taking advantage of her newfound fame.

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