TikToker exposes married woman’s Tinder messages while traveling with husband

TikToker exposes married woman's Tinder notificationsTIKTOK: callmekarima

A TikToker went viral after exposing a married woman’s 22 Tinder notifications while on a plane with her husband.

Karima spotted a large number of Tinder notifications on a married woman’s phone, while the wife in question was sitting next to her husband and children.

In a viral video with over 4.4 million views, the TikToker shared a series of clips detailing the evidence, as she zoomed in on her fellow plane passenger’s phone screen.

“Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring, and 22 tinder notifications,” Karima captioned the clip, which showed her zooming in on the phone, held by a woman clearly wearing a wedding ring.

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“Maybe they have an open marriage? I am confused,” the TikToker added.

TikTok users react to married woman’s 22 Tinder notifications

Thousands of TikTok users flooded the comments section to share their thoughts on what Karima had witnessed. Many users believed the married woman was in an open marriage.

“Y’all don’t realize how many couples are on there looking for a third,” one user shared. “She has it on main screen she ain’t hiding it,” another user commented.

“Plot twist it’s just a non monogamous marriage,” a third user wrote. “POV: they are in open relationship, which is none of our business,” someone else commented.

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Others took less kindly to the video.

“Her husband about to give her the biggest gift of her life: Divorce,” one user wrote.

“I guess the end is near. A lot of people are unfaithful regardless of gender. we as Human are running out of loyal people,” another declared. “Are there any people left in the world not cheating?” a third questioned.