TikToker exposes “hilarious” dating application form sent by Tinder match

Dave Deiley
Tiktok: Rumourhasitvintage

TikToker ‘rumourhasitvintage’ has revealed the bizarre extremes people are resorting to in attempts to find love. The video focuses on a Google form application detailing every aspect of life for prospective matches. 

With Tinder’s reputation as a ‘hook-up’ app more than a place to find love ever firming up in the minds of its users, attempts to find a genuine connection on the app get weirder by the minute.

The application form sent to rumourhasitvintage, first name Elizabeth, was sent before either party had said hello and started out with formal questions.

“What is your name? Are you single? Are you employed?” more in line with an interview process than an attempt at romantic engagement.

Quickly devolving into a stranger line of questioning, the form continued “Do you own a dog?” while offering an answer as “No, but I have access to my friends dog.”

TikTok: rumour has it vintage
The TikToker later expressed disappointment that the video was attracting attention.

Continuing the strange line of questioning, while sprinkling in some pop culture feelers,  the unnamed match asks “What’s your favorite Justin Bieber song and why isn’t it Sorry?”

As well as “Which LotR movie is (in your opinion) the best one?” while having “Fellowship of the Ring” as a potential response.

Closing out the application, the form asks “What is the blockchain? Any special skills?” before seeking feedback with a five-part multi-choice question. “How do you feel after filling out this application form?”

Responses to the feedback included “These questions have not adequately summed up who I am as a person and I’d like to share more. What a waste of time I don’t even like you” and ” who sends their matches an application form?”

The comments section was divided between seeing the form as a huge red flag to getting onboard with the line of questioning. “I’m so sorry but this is hilarious and exactly my sense of humor.”

One commenter gave a grim view of the state of dating, saying “I also matched with this guy! And unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve been asked to fill out a survey on a dating app! The audacity!”