TikToker explains the disgusting reason you should wash new clothes

A TikToker who worked in retail has explained why you should always wash new clothes after buying before you wear them.

There’s nothing like a little retail therapy to ease the mind, but a viral TikTok has explained why you should always wash those fresh threads before you wear them yourself.

After being uploaded by TikToker octagonglasses in April, the video only went viral in July of 2022. However the advice she dispenses is some that doesn’t have an expiration date.

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TikToker explains why you should always wash “new” clothes

Octagon explains that she worked in retail at a clothing store, where employees were forbidden from wearing stuff from other brands.

So, instead of buying clothes from the store she worked at, most workers would just take items from the rack to wear for the day, then put them back.

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“What ended up happening most of the time is that we would just go into the store, pick something out that wasn’t sold yet, take off the tag, put it on and work our shift,” she explained.

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“We would work all day. We were sweating,” she added. “At the end of our shift, we would take off the clothes, put the tags back on, and then put them back into the store.”

Octagonglasses said she just wanted to raise awareness with her TikTok.

Other users in the comments with retail experience backed up Octagon’s TikTok, saying they had worn clothes that had been sold to customers later on down the line too.

“Yes this is the same as my work does!!” One user replied in the comments “I also work at a clothing store. I think most clothing stores do this though!”

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So, the next time you get home from the mall or a day of shopping, be sure to throw your new purchases in the washing machine before putting them on for yourself.

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