TikToker Emmuhlu dragged by Cardi B for making “disrespectful” videos

Cardi Bi and Emmuhlu speak to the camera.Instagram: iamcardib / TikTok: emmuhlu

TikTok star ‘emmuhlu’ became the subject of scrutiny after being called out by famed rap artist Cardi B, who criticized the influencer for “picking on” her by making “disrespectful” videos.

Emmuhlu is a popular face on TikTok, boasting over 1.2 million followers on the viral video app for her humorous commentary and unabashed fandom for rapper Nicki Minaj.

However, emma’s videos came under scrutiny in August, after critics accused the TikToker of having used a racial slur in the past — but that wasn’t the reason her name began trending across Twitter on August 24.

Emmuhlu’s name quickly became a hot topic on social media after Cardi B publicly called out the influencer, accusing her of racist behavior after purportedly being discussed negatively in her videos, one of which has been posted below.

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“Been talking about me for months,” Cardi Tweeted. “B***h probably want my skin color… then disguise herself as a Black female rapper stan to hide her racism and gain followings. Goodbye, Peta bread lip having a**.”

That’s not all; Cardi’s spiel continued, with the artist writing, “Fish lips, is this you? Please keep my name out your mouth. You disguise yourself as a person that loves Black female artists, but you a real-life racist.”

Emma shot back at Cardi’s Tweets with a series of videos, arguing that the rapper was taking shots at her appearance and her age — 18 years — claiming that her videos were just a “joke,” as well as taking issue with Cardi posting a video of Emma saying a racial slur.

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Cardi was quick to fire back on Instagram, writing in a comment, “You have made like 10 videos of me, disrespecting me and picking on me. …I am a person, too! I got feelings, too! …When I stand up for myself, I got to be mindful that you are 18? You don’t gotta pick on people for attention.”

While Emma later apologized, she still took issue with the rapper for sharing the insensitive video of her to the greater Twitter audience — an action that the TikToker feels will haunt her for a long time due to Cardi’s influence.

Cardi B has since deleted her Tweets regarding the subject, although screenshots floating throughout the internet mark a testament to her no-nonsense response to Emma’s divisive behavior.

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