TikToker Elyse Myers goes viral with story of terrible Taco Bell first date

TikToker Elyse Myers next to image of tacosTikTok: elysemyers / Unsplash: Deborah Rainford

TikTok user Elyse Myers has gone viral after she shared the story of the strangest date she’s ever had, and viewers can’t believe just how wild it was.

There’s no better app for sharing your craziest ‘storytimes’ than TikTok. The app has an enormous user base that’s growing by the day, meaning these videos can sometimes garner millions of views and hundreds of thousands of comments.

First dates are naturally fantastic inspiration for some of the wildest storytimes out there, but TikTok user Elyse Myers may just have the craziest first date tale of them all.

In a video uploaded on October 6, the web developer and songwriter told the story of the time she went on a date with a guy from a dating app after they bonded over their shared love of food.

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She explained that she drove 45 minutes to meet him at his house, where he walked up to her and told her he’d lost his keys, asking her to drive them to the restaurant, which ended up being a Taco Bell drive-through.

However, that’s when things started to get really strange. Elyse went on to say that the guy then proceeded to order 100 hard shell tacos, but she ended up having to pay for it as he revealed that he had forgotten his wallet.

They drove back to his house, which he shared with his father, and the man started emptying boxes of tacos in the kitchen, saying “let’s feast.”

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The final straw for Elyse was when the guy’s father came up to her and asked her to see his “studio,” at which point she decided the date was well and truly over.

To viewers’ delight, she made sure she took the tacos along with her when she left, saying to him: “Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again.”

Commenters were obsessed with the wild story, with one user joking that he must have mistaken the dating app for UberEats. Another said “I’m crying I’m laughing so hard,” a sentiment echoed by thousands of other comments.

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The video has over 900,000 likes and 5.4 million views at the time of writing, and those numbers look as though they’ll continue to climb, as more people stumble upon Elyse’s hilarious story.