TikToker dumped by boyfriend with 7-page essay

Karla Velarde posing in TikTok video next to breakup letter from her boyfriend with TikTok logoTikTok: karlavelarde1234

A TikToker was horrified after a letter she thought was lovingly left by her boyfriend turned out to be a 7-page essay saying why he was breaking up with her.

As well as being the place to find the latest trends, TikTok has sparked many conversations over relationships and dating. Various creators have shared their bizarre and complex relationship stories via the app and gone viral in the process.

There was the TikToker who shared how she discovered her boyfriend was cheating through his breakfast order, for example. Not to mention, the creator who sent shockwaves when she claimed her partner stole $13k from her while on holiday.

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One creator has now shared her story of how her ex-boyfriend failed to break up with her face-to-face and instead resorted to writing a 7-page letter.

TikToker gets dumped via 7-page letter

TikTok creator Karla Velarde posted a video on July 17 explaining how she came home to find a note from her then-partner and expected it to be a love letter. However, after a closer read she realised that he was actually breaking up with her.

In the video, she flicked through the letter to reveal its mega size and showed how her ex had printed out the letter in full and then stapled the sheets together to make it all the more “serious” as one viewer claimed.

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The clip went on to receive 5.6 million views as of writing with some TikTok users comparing it to a “resignation letter” or the “declaration of independence.”

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Velarde also came under fire from some for not reading the letter before recording. However, she explained: “I was so excited he had finally put in the work. The let down.”

That wasn’t the end of the story. After the clip went viral, Velarde also posted a series of follow-up videos claiming that since the letter, her ex-partner accused her of “hiring people” to “attack” him on social media.

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The drama appears to have settled for now, however. According to her TikTok account, Velarde has been treating herself to some well-needed self-care routines including having facials and getting her nails done since the viral clip.

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