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TikToker Drew Afualo shuts down claims she used ‘Faceapp’ in viral Twitter photos

Published: 31/Mar/2022 18:34

by Dylan Horetski


Popular Tiktoker Drew Afualo has hit back at people claiming that she used a mobile app called ‘Faceapp’ to change her appearance in a viral photo. 

With almost seven million followers on TikTok, Drew Afaulo is among the creators that have gained viral popularity thanks to the short-form video app. On top of TikTok, she has 170k followers on Twitter and 647k on Instagram.

Starting her videos off with her signature drawn-out greeting “hey,” Afaulo’s content mainly consists of comedy videos and topics brought up in the thousands of comments she receives.

After posting a series of photos on Twitter, she quickly began receiving replies from people claiming that she uses Faceapp to alter her appearance as the post went viral — receiving over 130k likes in less than 24 hours.


DrewAfaulo Twitter viral photos

Drew Afualo hits back at claims she alters her appearance

As Drew Afualo’s pictures went viral on Twitter, people began claiming that she used an app to alter her appearance.

One tweet said: “Please, not the queen using face app. This doesn’t even look like her.”

The TikTok star quickly clapped back to the claims, calling the claims “trash.” She said: “This tweet is trash lmao. This is dead a*s just a lot of makeup & a wig. I don’t film TikTok in a full beat. Hey, eat s**t though.”

In another tweet, Afualo posted a video of her in the same outfit, makeup, and wig that she is wearing in the pictures.


Faceapp gained viral popularity after it was released in 2017 as it allows you to add a filter to change your appearance. Users have the option to apply filters to appear younger, older, or even change their hairstyle.

Since she uploaded the video, it appears that the claims that she’s altered her appearance have basically disappeared.

This isn’t the first time a TikToker has received backlash after posting a picture or video, and it’s unlikely that it will be the last.