TikToker didn’t know she was pregnant until baby’s head popped out

TikToker finds out she's pregnant after going into laborTIKTOK: alexisqueen.x

A TikToker went viral after admitting she didn’t know she was pregnant until her baby’s head popped out from under her skirt.

Teen mom Alexis revealed that she had no clue she was pregnant, until her mom spotted the baby’s head popping out from under her school uniform skirt.

The 19-year-old, who gave birth at 15, detailed her cryptic pregnancy in a viral video which has amassed over 8.1 million views.

“Storytime about my cryptic pregnancy!” she captioned the TikTok video.

She starts off by sharing that she took a pregnancy test after noticing an unusual heartburn one day. But after she tested negative, and had regular periods, she carried on her regular life.

Alexis then noticed some back pain, but popped some painkillers “thinking nothing of it,” until she couldn’t sleep one night.

The TikToker said she went to the bathroom in the morning before going to school, and felt the “urge to push,” calling out to her mom for help.

That’s when her mom spotted the baby’s head popping out from under Alexis’ skirt, sending her “into shock.” Meanwhile, her dad ran out to get more pregnancy tests.

Alexis skipped school that day to give birth on the floor of her living room with her parents and aunt.

Viewers react to TikToker discovering she’s pregnant after baby’s head popped out

Many TikTok users were amused by the fact that the teen mom’s dad rushed to get more pregnancy tests, while she was going into labor.

“I think the head emerging is a pretty positive pregnancy test,” one user commented. “Little late for the test, dad,” another quipped.

“I nearly wet myself at the dad getting pregnancy tests. Such a man thing to do in a panic situation is get something entirely unhelpful,” someone else wrote.

Others were worried they could meet the same fate.

“I am not liking how common cryptic pregnancies seem to be,” someone said. “I don’t claim this energy. I repeat I don’t claim this energy,” another one added.

“So I’m not experiencing any of this but the number of cryptic pregnancy stories popping up on my for you page all of a sudden are a bit worrying,” a fearful user commented.