TikToker claims to know why McDonald’s fries taste better than the competition

McDonald's friesUnsplash: aliazukrina

A TikToker has claimed they know why the fries at McDonald’s taste so much better than the other fast food joints.

There’s nothing more iconic than a meal at McDonald’s. The fast-food giant was originally established back in 1955 and has since taken over the entire world with its golden arches. From its burgers to chicken nuggets, McDonald’s meals have become synonymous with fast food joints all over the world.

Arguably one of the most iconic parts of a meal from McDonald’s is the golden fries that are offered with every meal. These crunchy potato pillars form a decent chunk of the meal, making their taste vitally important in having customers come back.

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TikToker jordan_the_stallion8 recently posted a stitch showcasing why they believe the fries at McDonald’s taste so good.

In a stitch reply responding about weird flexes, Jordan claimed that McDonald’s has been investigating why they know so many fast food secrets. They claimed that the fast food giant had messaged the TikToker, asking where they were gaining all their secrets about fast food from.

Jordan was unable to reveal the sources behind their alleged secrets, “my response was I can’t reveal my sources.” the TikToker claimed.

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According to Jordan, McDonald’s asked them if they knew any other McDonald’s secrets, to which Jordan replied with this.

“I know why McDonald’s fries taste so different from everybody else’s fries… because McDonald’s cooks their fries with beef flavoring mixed within their vegetable oil… that’s why the fries taste so good, but also so different from everybody else’s.”

McDonald's fries being held POVUnsplash: Mak
Unfortunately, the UK, Canada, and Australia miss out on the beef flavoring in McDonald’s fries.

The TikToker made sure to point out that this meant bad news for any vegetarians at McDonald’s but pointed out that certain countries are exceptions to this rule.

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“In the UK, Canada, and Australia, they cook it with regular oil so if you’re vegetarian you can eat the fries at those places.”

Many of the comments claimed that they had already known this fact, as McDonald’s has shared the information on their website before. Despite this, the TikTok has over 1.4 million likes at the time of writing, meaning that some of the internet learned about the golden arches’ secrets.

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