TikToker claims she was “harmed” by knife left in Subway sandwich

Unsplash.com: Ola Mishchenko / TikTok: kaylacaswell5

A TikToker is going viral after showing off a knife that was allegedly left in her Subway sandwich — and she wants answers.

TikTok is quite a popular platform when it comes to sharing freaky food shenanigans.

From sparking odd recipes for “healthy coke” to one man receiving free DoorDash orders for four days straight, TikTok has kicked off a slew of viral food-related content… but this latest dining debacle has users jaws dropping all over the net.

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TikToker Kayla Caswell uploaded a video to the platform on June 18 that showed her recent order from Subway, a sandwich chain where customers can essentially “build” their own sub sandwich (with the help of a pro sandwich artist, of course).

matheus bardemaker unsplash subway rainyUnsplash.com: Matheus Bardemaker
Subway is a popular restaurant chain known for its customeizable sub sandwiches.

However, it looks like her sandwich artist may have accidentally left their knife in her sub.

In her video, she panned the camera left and right, showing the handle and blade of Subway’s signature green knives sticking out of either end of her sandwich.

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“So, my husband and I ordered Subway tonight here in Syracuse, New York,” she began. “And I don’t know if you can tell or not, but this sandwich is a little bit different than how other Subway sandwiches are supposed to be.”

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Caswell then claimed that she’d contacted the restaurant after noticing the utensil lodged in her sub — but says they simply said, “Well, I don’t know what you’d like us to do about that.”

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She also claims that she emailed Subway’s corporate office with no response — so she’s making it her mission to make the video go viral on TikTok until she gets answers.

That’s not all; Caswell says that she even “harmed” herself due to the knife.

tiktok subway commentsTikTok: kaylacaswell5
Commenters were pretty divided over the woman’s claims.

One commenter asked how she managed to miss the knife in her sandwich if she watched them create her order, as is usual most dine-in Subway locations, while others found the situation amusing. Still others are calling for the restaurant to take action due to potential harm this could have caused to other customers.

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Thus far, the TikToker has given no updates about the situation a week after uploading her initial video.

This isn’t the first time a Subway-related incident has taken the net by storm; back in 2021, a former employee of the chain was quickly let go after he uploaded videos of himself standing in ingredients.

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