TikToker claiming to be his school run’s “hot dad” gets brutally humbled

Man claiming to be the “hot dad” on the school run gets humbled on TikTokTIKTOK: warfordd

A TikToker got slammed by moms on the social media app, following a viral TikTok clip that claimed he’s the “hot dad” of the school run.

The confident man, @warfordd aka Rob, shared a cheeky 9-second clip that implied that he received lots of attention from moms at the school gates. 

“Being the ‘hot dad’ on the school run,” he wrote in a text overlay, as he posed for the camera presumably taken by admiring moms.

“Some of you mummas be thirsty,” he captioned the video which amassed over 2.2 million views.

Unfortunately for Rob, he didn’t get the reaction he was hoping for, as moms were quick to give the TikToker a reality check.

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Self-proclaimed “hot dad on the school run” gets trolled by moms on TikTok

Many TikTok users set the record straight in the comments, pointing out that dating would be the last thing on their minds at the school gates.

“‘Some of you mummas be thirsty’… yeah for a hot tea and some peace and quiet!” one quipped.

“As a school run mom, we politely decline & offer you to the football moms,” another joked.

“The only thing we’re thirsty for on the school run is a bottle of red to forget we’ve got children,” a third wrote.

Another uninterested Mom added: “As a school run mom, I’m sorry to say, we’re not looking, we’ve got at least 5 other things running through our minds when dropping the kids off!”

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“The school run is the last place anyone looks. After wrestling kids out of door, all we do is wanna sling them through the gates and go to work,” someone else added.

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