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TikToker baffled at speeding ticket for driving “at safe speed”

Published: 3/May/2022 11:15

by Sam Comrie


The Pennsylvania State Police have issued a citation to a TikToker for speeding, despite the fact they were driving their vehicle at a “safe speed.”

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or have passed your test recently, following road laws will always be your top priority. For TikToker Taysir Abuhamdeh aka @ba**ardputo, their patience and attention to road safety has gotten them into trouble with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Rather than getting a ticket for aggressively breaking the speed limit, Abuhamdeh was simply driving far too safely.

An image of TiKTok Pennsylvania State Police
TikTok: Taysir Abuhamdeh
The citation given to the TikToker is certainly a leftfield decision.

Pennsylvania State Police’s citations cause TikToker to be wildly “confused”

Abuhamdeh began his rundown of two strange encounters by saying “what the f*** is going on in Pennsylvania bro?” The TikToker’s first car ride was seemingly normal until he got “pulled over by a state trooper in Pennsylvania, who gives me a citation” and was advised “to look it up in 10 days.”


Rather than getting the citation in person, the TikToker waited to receive a verdict from the Pennsylvania State Police in the mail, which addressed the charge as “driving on the roadways laned for traffic.”

However, the over $100 fine for this incident was the least of his worries, as his second citation charged him for “driving vehicle at safe speed.”

“For real though is this legit? I’m confused AF man. What do I do?” said the TikToker.

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@bastardputo For real though is this legit? I’m confused af man. What do I do #help #fyp #foryoupage #ineedalawyer ♬ original sound – Bastard

“What the f*** is this? I’ve got to pay $150 for driving a vehicle at a safe speed?”


The sheer absurdity of the citation has TikTok commenters just as puzzled too, with @frogeman420 saying “how dare you obey the law?”

However, others have been far more critical of Abuhamdeh’s actions for his first citation, with @ceemitch96 adding “First one you did an unsafe lane change. Second one, you were driving at a speed which was hazardous for the conditions.”

Another echoed this comment too: “PA lists the laws you were violating as the citations. Meaning you were speeding and either swerving or driving in the meridian lmao.”

Since these separate incidents, the TikToker has been pulled over again, but it remains to be seen what action has been taken for driving at a “safe speed.”