TikToker attacked after parking in “reserved” spot by woman who doesn’t own a car

Allie and Tiktok signTikTok / Alliexblue

One TikToker was left in shock after she was attacked by a woman after pulling over in ‘reserved’ parking spot.

Allie, otherwise known as @alliexblue on Tiktok took to the social media platform to record her story regarding the assault with tearful and shaken words. She told her audience how she was punched in the face by a woman who claimed to pay for the parking spot she had parked her car in.

She explains that she “pulled over and put [her] hazards on right in front of [her] building” to get her laundry and must have only been “away from my car for 30 seconds” before a woman approached her. Instantly Allie explains that the woman was hostile, claiming the tiktoker “can’t park there and that these were permit spots that she pays for”.

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Allie goes on to describe how she apologized and attempted to get into her car, only to have the door slammed by the woman in question.

The matter escalated and Allie expressed her gratefulness that “there was a ton of people around [who] started recording” the incident. She goes on to explain that she “was trying to explain to her that I was just going to leave and I spit a little bit like I was talking, and a little spit came out of my mouth. She was like, ‘You spit on me,’ and she just open-hand punched me.”

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The shocking event was quickly stopped by passers-by and Allie praised “these two wonderful women [who] jumped in and stood up for me” and took care of the situation.

She ends the video by sharing that after a conversation with the police, it “turns out that those spots that she was so mad about that she paid for were expired for about three years” and that she didn’t even own a car in the first place.

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Allie pressed charges after the perpetrator fled but a follow-up TikTok explains that the Police cannot find them and will likely not be able to continue with the charge. It also expresses her gratitude and the support of the women who helped her initially as they checked in on her and are helping bring the woman to the police.

Allie ends her follow-up by projecting her fear to live in her apartment again or seeing the woman, showing just how much of an impact the event has had on her daily life.

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