TikToker Abby Roberts & Yungblud fuel dating rumors with flirty TikTok

Abby Roberts TikTok Yungblud datingTikTok: Abbyrartistry

TikToker Abby Roberts may have recently parted ways with fellow creator Noen Eubanks, but it looks as though she could already be dating rockstar Yungblud. 

19-year-old Abby Roberts is a TikTok sensation with more than 14 million followers, and a combined 747 million likes across all her videos, known for her incredible make-up looks and amazing cosplay.

She’s had a super successful year, having collaborated with mainstream celebrities including Liam Payne, other creators like CharlotteLooks, and moving to London just as 2020 is wrapping up.

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She has also collaborated with musician Yungblud, who has made waves across the app with his own account, and as the pair are both from Yorkshire in the UK, it’s unsurprising that they’ve clearly hit it off.

Abby Roberts TikTok Yungblud datingInstagram: Abby Roberts
Abby & Yungblud have often collaborated on TikTok

In October it was confirmed that Abby and TikToker Noen Eubanks had split up after spending most of their time apart during a global health crisis, and Abby alluded that Noen had been unfaithful as the reason for their dramatic breakup.

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In the last week, after appearing in several different videos and Instagram stories getting pretty close, fans have begun to speculate that Yungblud and Abby have become an item. In November, Abby posted a series of pictures from a racy photoshoot to Instagram, underneath which Yungblud commented a number of heart-eye emojis.

On Wednesday, December 9 a particularly flirtatious TikTok sent fans into meltdown once they realized their speculation could be a reality after all. In the video, the tables turn with the singer giving Abby a makeover and their faces get very close. Then at the end of the video, Abby kisses his cheek.

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Abby’s close friend and flatmate Benji Krol commented underneath “You guys are too cute together,” leading some fans to take this as confirmation that they’re dating, with one person responding “This couple could save 2020!”

Others, however, were more suspicious with one person pointing out that the singer is known to be affectionate with his close friends: “Dom [Yungblud] kisses everyone.” Another added, “I kiss my guy friends and girl friends on the cheek all the time but yeah they would be cute as hell.”

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With the rumors gathering pace, neither party has made any attempt to deny that they’re a couple and excited fans eagerly await confirmation.

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