TikTok & YouTube star Bryce Hall reveals his insane new house in Las Vegas

. 4 months ago
bryce hall's house
Bryce Hall, Instagram

YouTube and TikTok content creator Bryce Hall has bought his very first house in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his fans are going to love it. 

A 13-minute YouTube video was posted to his YouTube channel on February 19, showing off the property.

It starts off in Los Angeles at the old Hype House, where Hall announces to his fellow TikTok stars that he has bought a house.

“Oh Bryce bought a house, I don’t give a f**k,” Josh Richards jokes. “I just have a free place to stay in Vegas now,” another friend says.

This is not Hall’s first time buying a house, as he told TMZ last April that “I’m gonna buy my mom a house right after the fight. And, that knockout is my mom’s house… that’s how much it means to me.” However, it is the first of his own. 

Bryce Hall shows off his new Las Vegas home

Bryce Hall's house
YouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall revealed his new home in a YouTube upload, on February 19. 

After arriving, Hall is met by his mother Lisa, where they walk into a real estate office and begin to start signing papers. 

“The house is now mine,” Hall excitedly tells the camera after hugging his mom. 

While Hall did not disclose many details about his new pad, he did tell his fans that it has already been fully furnished and that there was “no wifi or service,” at the time of filming. 

(Segment starts at 3:44 in the video below)

Hall has dedicated one of his upstairs rooms to serve as his personal “retro arcade,” with PacMan and Simpsons-themed game cabinets.

After showcasing his home to his friends, Hall visits the home of celebrity DJ Steve Aoki’s, where they bond over rare Pokemon cards and expensive shoes.

The 22-year-old concludes the vlog by going to see Aoki perform at the MGM Casino in Vegas. According to the star’s social media, he is back in LA preparing for “the roast of Bryce Hall,” which is expected to go live on YouTube on February 25. 

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