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TikTok’s “you don’t have this emoji” meme: How to get emoji from viral comment

Published: 1/Apr/2022 15:46

by Georgina Smith


There’s yet another comment meme that’s dominating videos across TikTok, with people using an obscure emoticon in thousands of messages that read, “you don’t have this emoji.” Here’s how to use the emoji that everyone’s talking about.

Throughout March, TikTok comment sections have been plagued with a whole host of different memes that people are spreading around the platform, leading to hundreds of frustrated users begging for the end of the repetitive comments.

Videos have been flooded with comments including a list of ingredients for a brownie recipe, “remove Miner,” requests for a storytime and crop, and more.


Unfortunately for many, the memes aren’t over yet, as people are now spamming comment sections with the message “you don’t have this emoji,” next to an image of a standard emoji with a white triangle overlapped on top of it.

You don't have this emoji meme comments on TikTok
This is just one of the memes to have taken over TikTok comment sections throughout March.

How to get emoji from “you don’t have this emoji” trend

Contrary to popular belief, the emoji included in this meme isn’t actually difficult to get hold of and use — it just probably won’t be part of your device’s standard emoji keyboard.

To use this now-popular emoji, all you have to do is:

  1. Find a comment that includes the emoji.
  2. Press and hold on the comment.
  3. Tap ‘Copy.’
  4. Go to the video you want to comment on, tap the ‘Add comment’ bar, then tap it again.
  5. Click ‘Paste.’
  6. Edit the comment to include whatever message you want, then press the pink button to send it.

You can leave the comment on any video at your own risk, as there are plenty of people who aren’t too happy with the current state of TikTok comment sections.


If the idea of using different emojis appeals to you, TikTok also has a list of ‘secret emoji’ codes that give you access to a different range of emoticons.