TikTok Weightlifter goes viral after pulling off insane bench press clap

TikTok clap benchTikTok: bigbaker

In a viral TikTok video, weightlifter, and influencer ‘bigbaker’ pushed an insane amount of weight on an incline bench press, repping the weight easily. But he didn’t simply rep the weight – bigbaker tossed it in the air numerous times, managing to clap before catching it.

Bench press is one of the most popular lifts for gauging a person’s strength. After all, the exercise is a staple for both professional powerlifters and casual lifters alike, providing a great method for strengthening the chest and shoulders.

One such powerlifter took to TikTok to share his feat of strength by lifting 125 kg at impressive speed, producing so much power that he could throw the weights in the air and clap in the middle of the rep.

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TikTok weightlifter bench press claps 125 kg

The video starts off with bigbaker on an incline bench. In the video, he pressed 125kg of weight with incredible ease, which is equivalent to around 275 pounds.

This is a weight most lifters can only dream of lifting on the incline bench – and bigbaker is performing each repetition of 125 kg faster than most people can lift 50 kg.

After the third rep, bigbaker tossed the barbell up in the air, clapped once, and caught the barbell thereafter. He performed this maneuver twice in the video, with each rep looking very clean.

One commenter expressed their disbelief by explaining how their “brain can’t handle how that bar flew”. Many other fans had the same mindset, with many telling bigbaker that he’s lifting weights “on another level.”

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In response to this viral TikTok video, bigbaker told Dexerto that the reception has “been weird to experience” stating that he’s now “been recognized in every gym I’ve trained in since, my workplace, friends workplaces… and I’m just mindblown.” However, this recognition only gave him the motivation to push himself harder, releasing footage of him clapping 140kg only three weeks later.

bigbaker bench press claps 140kg

Just three weeks later, bigbaker manages to bench press clap an impressive 140kg, which is the equivalent of 315lb.

While the video of him clapping 125 kg quickly went viral, this footage may be the first time someone has ever completed a bench press clap to this weight, especially on an incline.

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Similar to the comments on his viral video, many took to comparing themselves with bigbaker, mentioning that after seeing the video they “don’t think [their] arms have ever felt as small.” Others were in shock at the feat of strength, saying he was “too strong.” From the caption in this video, it’s clear bigbaker intends to keep pushing himself and go even heavier.

Planning for a world record

Incline bench press clap reps aren’t a standardized measure of strength in both powerlifting or strong man competitions – so there aren’t many official records of others who have performed the exercise.

“I’ve been messing around with these ‘clap reps’ for like 3 years and never thought anything of it, I just thought yeah they’re cool,” Baker mentions, providing context as to how he began training the unique exercise.

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After his viral fame and recognition for his impressive feat, Baker applied for a world record title.

He told Dexerto, “I’ve opened an application with Guinness world records to have it officially declared as a record and I’m eagerly awaiting their response.”