TikTok video replies: Users able to send video response to comments on random posts

TikTok logo next to the filming screen of TikTok editorTikTok / Unsplash: Aaron Weiss

Some TikTok users have stumbled upon the ability to respond to comments on other people’s posts via a video reply — but many aren’t sure whether it’s a glitch or a new feature.

TikTok is known for constantly adding new features to the app, either to respond to accessibility concerns or feature requests from the userbase or to innovate on the way the app functions as it continues to rise in popularity.

This has even led to them introducing things like the TikTok Resume scheme which allows people to apply to jobs through the app.

One of the features they added which is widely used across the platform is the video reply feature. Originally this allowed creators to respond to comments on their own content via video, with a handy comment sticker to provide context for viewers.

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However, on July 15, some users start noticing that they were suddenly able to reply to comments on videos that weren’t even theirs with video.

People instantly starting sharing their experiences on Twitter and TikTok, baffled by the sudden addition to the app.

Many have also begun expressing some of the downsides of the addition on social media, claiming that they’re getting notifications every time someone uses the feature on one of their comments.

However, it is currently unclear whether this was added as an intentional feature. Some reported that they received the ability after they updated the app, whereas others have claimed that even after updating the app, they haven’t received the feature.

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Some have even suggested that it could be a glitch on TikTok’s part, due to the inconvenience that it seems to be causing some users, but that has yet to be confirmed.

It’s not clear whether TikTok plans to implement this feature site-wide and is using this period as a test, or whether this was a genuine fault on their end. But either way, it’s got a lot of people talking on social media.