TikTok trainspotter Francis Bourgeois & Rosalia surprise fans with unexpected collab

TikToker Francis Bourgeois next to RosaliaTikTok: francis.bourgeois / Instagram: rosalia.vt

Viral TikTok trainspotter Francis Bourgeois surprised his millions of followers when he teamed up with popular singer Rosalía for an iconic video.

Francis Bourgeois is one of the most beloved creators on TikTok, and in his time on the platform, he’s garnered over two million followers for his wholesome videos reacting to trains, with a camera attached to his head to film his reactions up close.

In a video uploaded on March 23, Francis revealed that he had gone to King’s Cross Station in London, when he ‘happened to’ see popular singer-songwriter Rosalía also standing on the platform.

“Hang on a minute, isn’t that Rosalía?” he said, before adding, “I’m going to go say hello to her. I love her music.”

After the two stars had a brief conversation, they watched the Class 91s together, waving as the train passed them by.

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Fans were totally surprised by the rather unexpected collaboration, and reacted to the short video in the comment section.

“Crossover that wasn’t expected. But much appreciated,” one user wrote, with another comment reading, “bruh what life is this man living” getting over 5000 likes.

“We are getting the craziest crossovers here,” said a different user.

This isn’t even the first time that Francis has collaborated with someone totally unexpected. In January, Joe Jonas even appeared in a couple of TikToks on the trainspotter’s account, much to fans’ surprise and delight, garnering millions of views.

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It’s clear that fans loved seeing Francis and Rosalía appear in a video together, with the clip garnering hundreds of thousands of views, and it’s got viewers even more excited to see which huge stars he’ll end up collaborating with in the future.