TikTok stars side with Madi Monroe in Chris Romero cheating drama

Madi Monroe and Chris Romero kissingInstagram: Chris Romero

TikTok has been divided after Madi Monroe has been spotted with new boyfriend Jack Riyn, leaving Chris Romero in the lurch. However, various stars have come to Monroe’s defense, claiming Romero should move on after he cheated on her.

Chris Romero and Madi Monroe were once one of TikTok’s hottest couples. While there was hope they’d be getting back together after their breakup in October, those hopes have been all but dashed.

Monroe was spotted out with a mystery man, posting about her new boyfriend on Instagram.

It took fans some time to figure it out, but Monroe made it pretty obvious it was Jack Riyn, who has nearly 3 million followers on TikTok and 250,000 on Instagram.

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However, this hasn’t landed well with now-ex-partner Romero. Romero didn’t target Monroe, but her new partner instead in Riyn. He claimed Riyn was “like [a] brother” during their early days in the limelight, and he shouldn’t be going behind his back.

“The fact that I helped this kid out with money and places to stay and was the reason he even went on tour in the first place. Basically took him under my wing and this [is] how he [repays] me? He [is] weird for that,” he said on Instagram.

“It be your own friends that stab you in the back,” he added on Twitter.

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However, despite Romero’s claims, most of the TikTok community has rallied behind Monroe. After she herself tweeted “I really just want to be happy bro,” other creators jumped to her defence.

“You cheated get the f**k over it let her be happy holy,” Devyn Winkler said to Romero. “Let my babygirl be happy dude,” Cynthia Parker added.

There were some people on Romero’s side somewhat though. Sebastian Topete wrote “well anyone would be pressed if someone’s ‘good friend’ is with their ex,” which has received a mixed reception.

While the Romero-Monroe ship is over, the TikTok community is split over who’s in the right. There is one thing for sure though, both parties are slowly moving on ⁠— with new partners or without.

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