TikTok star Tayler Holder confirms he’s moving out of the Hype House

Published: 30/Sep/2020 17:53

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator and TikTok star Tayler Holder has confirmed that he will be moving out of the Hype House’s Los Angeles-based mansion.

The Hype House has been one of the most popular TikTok collectives since it was founded and has featured stars such as Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Chase Hudson, and more.

While some of these notable names have left the group, such as D’Amelio sisters and even Hype House co-founder Daisy Keech, another member, Tayler Holder, will soon be leaving the Los Angeles mansion.

Hype house members posing for photo
Tayler Holder, Instagram
Tayler has responded to fans about his next move.

Is Tayler Holder leaving the Hype House?

Tayler Holder is one of the most popular TikTok creators in the Hype House and has built a massive fan base of over 15.5 million followers on the app for his dancing videos.

However, the influencer confirmed, on September 29, that he would be parting ways with some of his fellow creators, with a move out of the Hollywood Hills mansion now planned for October 1.

Holder posted on Twitter simply informing his followers that he would be “moving out” in the following days, with roommate Nick Austin confirming the move in a Hollywood Fix interview.

However, despite confirming that he will be living elsewhere, it appears as if he still intends of being a part of the TikTok group, similar to Avani Gregg, who has also moved out of the Hype House, after California’s lockdown was announced.

It is unclear what his plans are moving forward, but many of his followers have already been guessing where the star could end up next.

Following his breakup with fitness model Sommer Ray, Tayler Holder has recently been fueling rumors of a relationship with Charly Jordan, leading many to believe they could be moving in together.

Others have suggested he may be set to join the Sway House, as he is a regular guest in Bryce Hall’s vlogs, but for now, we will have to wait a little longer to find out for sure.


Insanely accurate Tom Cruise deepfake goes viral on TikTok

Published: 25/Feb/2021 15:19

by Georgina Smith


TikTok users have been spooked by an uncanny deepfake of actor Tom Cruise that’s going viral on the app, with many mistaking him as the real-deal at first glance.

Deepfaking is something that people have been both fascinated and terrified by for some time now. The technology allows you to replace the faces of people in existing videos, using machine learning to make the final product look practically real.

The technology is becoming so advanced that people are calling for governments to put limitations on deepfaking in order to protect people, with some videos being used for illegal purposes.

In the past, TikTok stars Addison Rae and Dixie D’Amelio have responded to people making inappropriate deepfakes of them online, with celebrities and influencers being a prime target.

The TikTok launch screen phone held by a hand
Pixabay: Lorend_g
TikTok’s user base is growing bigger by the day.

However, not everyone who is utlizing the deepfake technology has bad intentions, as some are using it to create funny videos online.

TikTok user ‘deeptomcruise’ is the perfect example of this, making videos of his Tom Cruise deepfake that are now gaining traction on the app.

The videos see the mystery person almost seamlessly blended with the popular American actor, even getting his voice and mannerisms down perfectly. The fake Tom Cruise acts out several scenarios, playing golf, and talking about his podcast.



♬ original sound – Tom

Users were astounded by the accuracy of the impression, and slightly concerned about how the deepfake aspect is almost undetectable for some. “One of the best deepfakes I’ve ever seen,” one user said, “the voice is really good too, could be artificial as well.”

Another commenter wrote, “these deepfakes are getting worryingly good. How the heck can we trust what we see on TV.”


♬ original sound – Tom

While the impression was thoroughly convincing, some eagle-eyed viewers pointed out ways in which you can tell it’s a deepfake. “Check the reflection of his face on the table when he gets up again, frame by frame,” one person explained, “the algorithm struggles (just a tiny bit) with the reflective bar.”

At the time of writing the account has only uploaded three videos, but many are fascinated with the bizarrely real-looking deepfake and are awaiting more Tom Cruise content.