TikTok star Taraswrld reveals she makes $350K a month on OnlyFans

Taraswrld OnlyFans headerInstagram: Taraswrld

Tiktoker Taraswrld claims that she now makes 350K a month on OnlyFans, with the content creator explaining how her success on TikTok has helped catapult her OnlyFans to new heights.

Tara Lynn, who goes by the handle Taraswrld on social media, has amassed nearly five million followers on TikTok since 2019. The content creator first going viral on TikTok after she admitted she spent $10,000 on Harry Styles concert tickets. Since then, Taraswrld has been putting out videos that have consistently hit hundreds of thousands of views and likes on the platform. 

In a recent interview with the podcast Plan Bri Uncut, Taraswrld revealed how much she now makes since making creating her OnlyFans account, with the hosts left speechless at the answer.

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Taraswrld reveals how much she makes from her OnlyFans

“So I started May 2021, until like this past October I would make like $100,000 to $150,000 a month,” she began. “And then I made a TikTok … I vlogged like me getting ready for my OnlyFans shoot, and it did so f—king well. So now it’s like, $350,000 a month. It’s insane.”

Prior to this, the content creator had spoken with Narcity about her overall income from her work, which works out to about $4.2 million a year.

“On days that I’m shooting, I like to go to a hotel and film content for 12-15 hours so that I can get a few weeks of content in! I like to try to go and do this every two weeks but in between that time I will randomly shoot any content that comes to mind,” she wrote in an email to the website.

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OnlyFans has become an increasingly popular site for many content creators, with TikToks, celebrities, and streamers all making the jump over to the site and reporting massive increases in income as a result. 

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth is an example of another content creator who has made the leap to OnlyFans, with the influencer revealing to Dexerto some of the most bizarre requests she has gotten from users.

“One wanted me to inflate myself like a balloon or pretend to,” she admitted. “I wasn’t sure how to do that one. That’s a weird fetish for sure.”

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