TikTok star shares terrifying messages from stalker after Tinder date goes wrong

TikTok: @xolyssarosexo

A TikToker, ‘xolyssarosexo,’ is urging her audience to be more cautious of who they meet with from the internet after she received threatening messages when she canceled a date.

TikTok user Alyssa Rose (@xolyssarosexo) has shared some shocking messages between her and a man she had met on the internet after canceling a date due to her not “feeling well.”

See the shocking messages

On February 28, TikTok user @xolyssarosexo uploaded a disturbing video showing a host of screenshots from a man she had met on a dating app. “PSA…. Be careful of strangers and listen to your gut!!! He was completely normal before this and it gets worse,” Lyssa titled the video, which now has over 6.2 million views.

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The video revealed messages of the man trying to manipulate and threaten Rose saying things like “I learned a while back if someone doesn’t want you or want to see you. Then just let them go.”

The reaction from the individual initially sparked after the TikToker told him that she “wasn’t feeling well and canceled.”

The man responded to her by urging her not to “bail” before begging her to see him in a collection of messages.

“I’m not taking no for an answer. You need this,” the man said.

After telling the man that his responses were scaring her, he replied with “so you lied, you really don’t like me.”

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After cutting off all communication with the man, the TikToker “sent everything to a family member who is a police officer.”

Fortunately for Rose, the man has since stopped contacting her and she has seemingly been able to go about her normal life.