TikTok star Noah Brady dies aged 21

TikTok star Noah Brady dies aged 21YOUTUBE: PWORDDESTROYER69

TikTok star Noah Brady, who also went by pworddestroyer69 on the social media app, has died at the age of 21.

Noah accumulated over 350,000 followers on TikTok, where he went viral for tattooing himself every day for a year.

He gained recognition for the first time in July 2021, when he posted the first video regarding the “tattooing challenge.”

Since then, he’d tattooed several items that were mentioned by his followers, including orange soda, juice boxes, and record players.

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TikTok star Noah Brady dead at 21

On January 7, the young TikToker died by suicide, his family confirmed. His mother, Rena Smith Brady, took to Facebook to confirm the tragic news.

In her post, she wrote: “Sometimes you never know the pain behind someone’s smile. The front desk clerk at the hotel apologized and said ‘I’m sorry, when he checked in about midnight I would have never guessed this outcome.’

“He checked in smiling. That was Noah, he had the biggest and most contagious smile of anyone I know. He was kind. He was the life of the party. He was a friend to all and one of the least judgmental people I know. Those who know him know that he wasn’t the same person he portrayed on social media.”

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She revealed Noah suffered from depression since ninth grade, and it wasn’t until October that he spoke about it openly with his family. “We tried everything we could in that short time to help him,” she said.

“Last night I stayed up all night trying to talk him out of this. Unfortunately, 5:18 am was the last text I received from him. He had told me recently ‘No one should cry for me. Be happy that I’m no longer in pain because I would never wish this on anyone.'”

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Tributes have poured out on social media for the beloved star too, with many saying they’ll miss his content and challenge videos.