TikTok star Jack Wright under fire for comparing Indian cultural attire to ‘Hunger Games’

Jack Wright under fire for comparing Indian cultural attire to hunger gamesTikTok: jack.wright

TikTok star Jack Wright is facing criticism for comparing Indian cultural attire to the eye-popping fashion seen in The Hunger Games’ Capitol district.

Jack Wright is a popular creator on TikTok, where he boasts over 11 million followers. His videos often garner millions of views each — especially his collabs with other top-tier influencers on the platform.

Apparently, Wright is rubbing elbows with some other big names, as well, as he was recently invited by Indian millionaires the Ambani family to attend the grand opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, India.

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The Ambani Family are some of the richest people in India, with patriarch Mukesh Ambani breaking into the world’s Top 10 richest people back in 2020.

TikTok star sparks backlash for comparing Indian attire to Hunger Games fashion

Wright recorded his journey to Mumbai on his TikTok account, where he showed off his outfit for the celebratory gala… but his comments about his attire are drawing some ire from critical viewers.

In a short clip, Wright said he was “able to attend the actual Panem Capitol party” and showed off a slew of stunning dresses and ensembles he saw during the event, set to the music from Caesar Flickerman’s talk show from the Hunger Games films.

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However, viewers didn’t appear to like this particular comment. Users flooded Wright’s TikTok clip with criticisms of his comparison, outraged that the influencer would compare Indian traditional attire to over-the-top costumes from a sci-fi film.

“Hunger Games? Bestie, this is my culture!” one user wrote with a frowning face.

“Panem Capitol party? Be f*cking for real,” another said.

“Do you understand how much Bollywood royalty was there?” another asked.

“Love you Jack, and I know you didn’t mean anything negative, but that’s a weird comparison,” yet another commenter said.

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jack wright tiktok backlash copyTikTok: jack.wright

However, Jack seems to have walked back his comments in his latest video, which he uploaded with the caption: “Indian fashion is so top tier.”

In this particular video, the comments are more mixed, with some defending Jack from the outrage his previous post incited.

This isn’t the first time a TikToker has come under fire for disrespecting a culture different from their own; TikTok star Nessa Barrett famously drew backlash after twerking to the sound of the Quran being read aloud back in 2020.

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