TikTok star Breckie Hill lashes out at Livvy Dunne: “She’s a b*tch”

Brekkie Hill throws shade at livvy dunne insult interviewInstagram: brekkiehill, livvydunne

Popular TikToker Breckie Hill has made no bones about her thoughts on gymnast Livvy Dunne, levying a major insult toward the internet-famous athlete in an interview.

Livvy Dunne is the internet’s new “it girl,” skyrocketing to fame in late 2022 for her dual status as a social media star as well as a collegiate gymnast competing for Louisiana State University.

She’s even been hailed as the most valuable women’s college athlete of the last year, and her fame only continues to grow as fans flock to her competitions — and social media profiles — in droves.

However, not everyone is a fan of the blonde-haired influencer. Last year, TikToker Markell Washington claimed that Dunne had been rude to him when he tried to shake her hand, sparking a tearful reply from the gymnast who claimed Washington was “making stuff up.”

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Livvy Dunne TikTok profile goes missingInstagram: livvydunne
Livvy Dunne is a Division One college athlete on top of being a social media celebrity.

Now, another influencer is taking aim at Dunne — TikToker Breckie Hill. Hill, who boasts over 1 million TikTok followers, lashed out at the athlete during an interview with fellow creator Lofe on February 18.

Breckie Hill takes shots at Livvy Dunne

“I do have beef with her,” she admitted after being asked about the subject. “Do you know her? Livvy Dunne? She’s a TikToker. She’s such a b*tch. Also, every single person that’s like, met her, has been like, ‘Oh, she’s so mean in person.'”

“She’s like, ‘Oh, you’re body shaming me,'” Hill continued. “Her and her friends were like, bullying me. They were like, ‘Oh yeah, she’s a dupe.’ Like a Walmart version [of Dunne].”

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That’s not all; Hill went on to claim that she would “slap” Dunne if she were there during their conversation and even joked about taking her on in the boxing ring for a hypothetical influencer match.

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For now, Dunne has yet to give a public response to Hill’s comments — but commenters aren’t too pleased with what she had to say, with many claiming that part of Hill’s fame stemmed from her resemblance to the gymnast (something commenters on her own TikTok videos frequently say).

Livvy Dunne Breckie Hill commentsInstagram: teatoktalk

This latest news follows the sudden disappearance of Dunne’s Twitter account earlier this month after her profile went missing for a short time.

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