TikTok sparks new “grass vs hair” debate following viral “wheels vs doors” dispute

An image of tiktok's grass vs hair debatePixabay, TikTok

TikTok’s “wheels vs doors” debate was just a warm-up as users are now questioning whether there is more grass or hair within the world. 

The world of TikTok has presented us with many unusual and fun trends to explore, with the debate of ‘wheels vs doors’ taking users by storm. Splitting TikTok content creators and commentators alike, this debate was merely just the start, as a fresh topic has begun circulating around the app.

Now, TikTok users are battling it out to decide whether there is more grass or hair in the world.

tiktok doors vs wheels debateTikTok
TikTok users have already been hotly debating the amount of ‘wheels vs doors’ too.

TikTok users are keen to settle the “grass vs hair” debate

As the ‘grass vs hair’ debate begins to rage on, some users already pulling out all the stops to determine the true winner. TikTok user HarriB44 collated a slideshow to prove the sheer amount of grass across the globe, but commenters were dubious about the video’s accuracy.

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One commenter said “You mean 16 quadrillion?” in response to HarriB44’s calculations on the amount of hair in this instance. However, it is user JennaRogers7 that sparked the most debate, as the comments are already claiming this topic has given them a “headache.”

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User sam_013 is adamant that hair follicles are sure to come on top as the winner: “hair for sure literally all mammals bro come on.”

Another echoed their opinion by reminding other users that animals should factor into the equation too: “are people forgetting that animals also have hair, hair 100%.”

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However, despite ‘Team Hair’ growing in size, there are users that are convinced grass should be the winner, with one person commenting “I feel like it used to be grass like 20 years ago but now definitely hair.”

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