TikTok reportedly developing a Spotify and Apple Music rival

TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa

TikTok could potentially be developing a rival to Spotify and Apple Music, after it was reported that the company filed a trademark application for ‘TikTok Music.’

Short-form video platform TikTok has become one of the biggest influences in social media, with apps like Instagram even pivoting their focus to video content thanks to the enormous popularity of the ByteDance-owned platform.

Music has always been a fundamental part of the platform’s content, and the app has caused countless songs and artists to blow up, making it one of the main ways many artists now promote their music.

Now, it looks like TikTok could be set to expand into the music streaming business. According to Business Insider, in May, ByteDance filed a trademark application for ‘TikTok Music’ with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

This phrase reportedly is applied to a range of goods and services, “including a mobile app that would allow users to ‘purchase, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics.'”

TikTok logo next to a phoneUnsplash: Jeremy Bezanger / Sincerely Media
Short-form video platform TikTok is growing bigger by the day.

This wouldn’t be the company’s first venture into the music streaming business, as they already run the streaming app Resso in India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Filing for the trademark isn’t a guarantee that the app will come to fruition, but if they do end up launching TikTok Music, it could prove to be a huge competitor for music streaming giants Spotify and Apple Music.

Music continues to be a vital part of much of TikTok’s content, with many videos utilizing popular ‘Sounds’ or audios in order to jump on viral trends and get more eyes on their videos.