TikTok removes Durte Dom’s account after faking viral Tesla stunt videos

Durte dom reveals viral tesla stunt tiktok videos were fakeYouTube: Dominykas

TikTok has removed Durte Dom’s account from the platform after his Tesla stunt videos went viral. Days later, he revealed they were faked. 

Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has provided creators with the ability to create videos with the hopes of them going viral.

Durte Dom took advantage of this opportunity on March 21 after clips of a Tesla Stunt gone wrong began making their way around social media. He had edited a video to make it look like he was the driver, which received over 11 million views.

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TikTok has removed the former Vlog Squad members account from the platform, and Dom has since explained that the videos were fake.

Durte Dom TikTok account gone dominykasTikTok
Durte Doms TikTok account ‘Dominykas’ has been removed from the platform.

Durte Dom reveals he faked Tesla stunt TikTok videos

Uploaded on March 22, Durte Dom revealed the background to his plan to go viral.

He said: “I saw my friend Alex Choi post a viral video, and after doing some digging I was able to find a different angle from someone that was there that night. If I was one of the first few people to post it, I would go viral too.”

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He went on to explain that with some “Hollywood magic” and good angles, he was able to make it look like the car in the viral clip. Dom even detailed that he and his friends had to record the voiceovers as the original ones did not line up with their video.

The former Vlog Squad member said: “From changing one clip to another, we fooled all of America. This goes to show you, you can’t believe everything you see online. Most of the things you see online are fake and meant to get clicks because more clicks mean more money.”

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As Dom ended the video, he revealed that just before he uploaded the video — TikTok removed his account from the platform.

While he doesn’t know the exact reason, the former Vlog Squad member believes it was for the controversy his videos caused.

News sources weren’t the only people to react to the viral Tesla stunt as Pokimane roasted the driver for having their cat in the car when it happened.

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