TikTok proposal goes viral after mom gets engaged at daughter’s wedding

Viral TikTok video shows mother getting engaged at daughter's weddingTikTok: chloerobinson1993

A blushing bride shared the heart-warming moment her mother got engaged during her own wedding. However, some TikTok viewers were not so thrilled.

As well as being a place of bizarre trends, TikTok has also become a useful tool for wedding planners hoping to get some ideas about their big day.

Just some of the mind-blowing weddings that have been shared on the platform include an entirely Disney-themed ceremony and the moment when a couple, who worked as stunt doubles, set themselves on fire as they walked down the aisle.

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Although, one sweet gesture as a bride was ready to toss her bouquet sparked dispute after it was shared on TikTok.

Mother gets engaged during daughter’s wedding

On July 11, TikTok creator ChloeCarle posted a clip from her wedding in which she went to throw the bouquet to her eager friends and family behind her.

After a few fake swings, she then turned and handed the flowers to her mother who was among the crowd.

As the future fiancé looked on in confusion, her partner then knelt down in front of her and popped the question.

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Although, there were some viewers who hit out at the video arguing that they “hate seeing proposal’s at weddings” and how they would say “no” to the idea on their “special day.” As one viewer said: “This is nice but what about all the other one that were hoping this was their chance?”

Yet, the wave of congratulatory messages helped drown out the critics. Chloe also explained the reason behind the gesture: “This is my mum, she gave me away so I wanted her to match me.”

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The video went on to receive 1.3 million views and Chloe received a plethora of comments praising her for the “selfless” moment.