TikTok nurse faces backlash for posting video after patient dies

TikTok nurse olivia_tyler33TikTok: olivia_tyler33

A TikToker has come under fire after posting a viral video of themselves working at a hospital as a nurse, with the caption “lost a patient today,” facing criticism over the appropriateness of filming such a video after the death of a patient.

On her TikTok account ‘olivia_tylerr33,’ the nurse posted on June 17, titled ‘it never gets easier.’ The video didn’t take long to go viral, and many comments were sympathetic, expressing the challenges of being a healthcare professional.

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However, the comments section was also mixed, with many criticizing the decision to setup a TikTok video in such a situation. Although the video is now a few weeks old, it has spread once again after being shared on Twitter and Reddit, reaching a new audience.

One viral tweet wrote, “aw man can’t believe my patient died let me go make a tiktok rq”. from @ateenyalien.

As well as branding the content attention-seeking, some also argued it was disrespectful to the deceased’s family members. However, others have also questioned whether a patient actually died, or if the video was simply based on a false pretense.

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“Great way to exploit the dead for one’s own popularity,” one Twitter user responded. “I miss the days when people didn’t share absolutely everything online.”

Olivia has not responded to the critical comments directly, although many of her subsequent TikTok videos are full of comments referencing the now-controversial post.

Other TikTok accounts have also ‘dueted’ the post to call it out. “A patient dies and their first thought is to shoot, edit, and post a TikTok for likes and attention,” said TikToker marc0p0l0o3.

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There have been previous controversies with professionals posting about their work on TikTok too, also in the healthcare sector. In 2021, a nurse was suspended after posting videos appearing to claim to mistreat patients, which they later said were just skits.

Also in June, a teacher was fired for posting so-called “thirst traps” on his TikTok account.

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