TikTok Nanny says family fired her after catching dad cheating on wife with his sister

tiktoker reveals she walked in on affair with dad and his sisterTikTok/greenidgespinach/Pixabay

A nanny on TikTok is going viral after revealing she was fired after she caught her employer in a sexual act with his own sister in the laundry room.

There are all sorts of wild horror stories on TikTok with employees sharing their workplace nightmares in fast food, retail, and now, as a babysitter.

New York TikToker and former nanny, Jules Green, is making waves on the platform with a disturbing story involving a dad, his sister, and a wife who was at work.

According to Green, she had worked for this family for 9 weeks when one day, she decided to assist with taking some dirty laundry downstairs only to find a very disturbing sight.

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TikToker says she walked in on affair as a nanny

Green explained that when she walked into the room and saw his sister on the dryer with her brother in the middle of an act.

“He was just munching away!” she said. “So when I walked in, she stops, and then he stops. He literally lifts his head up from under her skirt and we’re all just staring at each other now.”

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As a brief moment passed, Green said she put the laundry basket on the washing machine and walked out before locking herself in the bathroom, texting her mom for advice on how to handle the situation.

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Amazingly, after deciding to contact the man’s wife to inform her about the affair, she turned on the nanny, upset that she decided to enter the laundry room.

“What exactly were you doing in the laundry room?” she remembered the woman saying as she acted out the call. “I don’t remember giving you clearance to go down there.”

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Green said that she was fired by the woman and after speaking to the head nanny, it turns out that she also knew of the husband’s wild affair.

At least she ended up getting paid before she left, but at the end of the day, it seems like the whole sight has left the TikToker scarred for life.

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