TikTok mom catches father cheating after nursing hours-old baby

TikTok: @aubrecita

A TikToker that goes by the username ‘aubrecita’ recently welcomed a newborn boy into the world, hours before finding out that her partner was cheating on her.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by aubrecita on March 13, 2022, the mom could be seen acting out a POV scene with the caption reading: “Feeding my hours-old baby in the hospital, the nurses had asked me to record the times that he ate, so I [grabbed] my sleeping boyfriend’s phone to check the time.”

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The video, which has since amassed over 10 million views, then transitions to a screenshot of her boyfriend’s iPhone home screen. This screen shows a picture of their infant son as his screensaver next to a text message notification from a woman named Marissa asking the father to “come cuddle.”

Fans react to the cheating father

The TikTok mom, who also happens to be a nurse delivering babies, has received an overwhelming number of responses from her fans with most being supportive of the tragic incident.

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“God wanted you to see that message as your sign to move on,” one commenter said.

“Please tell me you texted her back “can’t, just had a baby,” another supporter said jokingly.

In a separate video that has received over 150,000 views, aubrecita can be seen addressing negative comments, claiming the incident wasn’t real, and blaming the cheating on her.

The mother is now telling her fans that the “one thing [she’s] incredibly thankful for is that [they] were never married!”

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The mom continues to post updates on her newly born baby, while simultaneously updating her followers on her cheating boyfriend, which she has now broken up with.

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