TikTok ‘Karen’ goes viral after berating Xfinity customer service

viral tiktok karenTikTok and Canva and Xfinity

In a viral TikTok, a ‘Karen’ verbally berated Xfinity customer service, seemingly turning into a raging beast spouting nearly incoherent insults to the worker on the phone.

Customer service representatives deal with a myriad of rude customers on a daily basis. Unfortunately for one Xfinity worker, they had to deal with a raging Karen, who shouted a slur of insults targetting the worker. They recorded the conversation, and posted the video on TikTok where it has since gone viral with over four million views.

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The video shows the phone, which has been put into speaker mode. It records the middle of the caller’s rant, where she rages to such an extreme that the words become incoherent, making it nearly impossible to quote properly.

But some sentences are understandable to a certain degree. She yelled out “stupid c**t,” then goes into a literal slur of incomprehensible words before going into one of the classic ‘Karen’ lines:

“Get me to a supervisor NOW!”

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At this point, the woman was literally yelling. Despite the rude words and tone thrown her way, the worker remained calm and attempted to deal with the customer.

“Ma’am. Ma’am. There isn’t any reason for me to…” the worker was interrupted by the customer going on a yelling spree once again.

“Get me a supervisor, you little stupid c**t licker!” She followed up by saying something about foul language, then once again demanded a supervisor.

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viral tiktok karenTikTok: Brittany Tylor
People made fun of the caller’s overreaction on TikTok.

The Karen devolved, almost as if turning into a literal child throwing a tantrum, and continued yelling the same word over and over again. “NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!”

“I’m going to put you on hold ma’am,” the customer representative replied calmly.