TikTok is completely stunned by girl opening her iPhone with saliva

an image of mila monet on tiktokTikTok: Mila Monet

TikToker Mila Monet has managed to both shock and impress viewers with an odd talent…unlocking her iPhone passcode with only her saliva. 

TikTok is the internets go-to hub for the weird and wonderful, with strange new stories emerging out of nowhere daily. Whether you’re whipping up a ‘Dirty Soda’ or proposing to your partner in McDonalds for the world to see, we wager that you’ve probably not seen someone unlock their iPhone with nothing more than their saliva.

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Well, TikToker Mila Monet has viewers positively stunned after showcasing her unique and absurd talent on the viral video platform.

an image of tiktoker user mila monetTikTok: Mila Monet
Mila Monet is a Florida-based TikToker that uploads comedic skits.

TikToker Mila Monet shows off “impressive” iPhone unlocking method

Most people with an iPhone might opt to use the smartphone’s Face ID or traditional unlock methods, but TikToker Mila Monet has commenters in awe of her unorthodox method. The TikToker is shown enjoying drinks with her friends, before targeting each number of her passcode with her salvia to access her iPhone.

Rather than splattering her phone with individual drops, the TikToker retracts with the saliva with precision as she succeeds to open the smartphone. Monet’s accuracy is surprisingly on point and clearly has her friends left speechless until a voice behind the camera says “what the f***!”

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Fellow TikTok users didn’t hesitate to share their admiration for the odd skillset, as @triddin said “that was impressive ngl.”

Many have joined the showering of praise, while other commenters such as @n1ck_av1 have questioned the origin of Monet’s method: “How do you realize you have this talent?”

However, not everyone shared the same positivity for Monet’s unusual unlocking skill. TikTok commenter @AM_Outdoor said “statistically our phones are dirtier than most toilet seats?”

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While Monet’s video continues to gain traction, we can only imagine what methods others will conjure up next.

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