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TikTok ‘invisible car’ trick: Secret behind viral ‘pzoom’ trick revealed

Published: 4/Jul/2021 16:14 Updated: 4/Jul/2021 16:15

by Georgina Smith


TikTok user lightskinyogi has had viewers confused for weeks over how he does his seamless ‘invisible car’ trick — but people think they’ve figured out how he actually does it.

Once something starts gaining popularity on TikTok, it doesn’t take long to spread to For You Pages across the world, with viral videos often seen by millions of people.

It’s not clear exactly where the ‘pzoom’ trend started, but after lightskinyogi uploaded a video of him doing the strange trick in June, it quickly had people flocking to the comment section to find out how he was doing it.


@lightskinyogiPov: me tgliding to your girl’s 🏡 ##tglide♬ original sound – 😘🙈☺️

The trick sees the participant sit on the floor as if they were in a car, and after they turn the ignition, they somehow managed to glide away across the floor as if they were actually being powered by something.

Initially, many thought that he was being pulled by someone or something, but that didn’t seem to be the most reasonable explanation for the challenge.

More and more people then started asking lightskinyogi to fulfill certain requests while doing the trend, in order to narrow down the secret behind it.

@lightskinyogiReply to @leeeshaa314 Oh you mean… like this?😏🏎💨 ##pzoom ##viral ##trending ##foryou♬ Tampa – Cico P

Some asked him to do it with the TV on, pour a glass of water first, put a mirror behind him, do it without socks on, and much more, and he fulfilled each of these requests. However, none of them seemed to help in identifying how it all works.


How to do the ‘invisible car’ trick

After watching all of his videos, many users have been saying that he’s actually sliding into frame, standing up, and then putting the video in reverse. While many of the requests he fulfilled seem to disprove that, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed he’s been using some clever editing to get around them.

To try out the trick for yourself, you simply have to slide into frame, do the ignition movement, and then stand up, before putting the video in reverse.

However, as simple as the process is, it’s a lot harder to make it look completely seamless like lightskinyogi.