TikTok fans pay respects after ‘Uncle Steve’ passes away

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Uncle Steve TikTok
TikTok: UncleSteveTok

TikTok fans from all over the world are paying their respects after it was announced that beloved influencer ‘Uncle Steve’ passed away from an unknown illness. 

Alongside the viral trends and other aspects of TikTok, there’s one thing that seems to hit fans unexpectedly: Death. While creators preach that fans shouldn’t create parasocial relationships, it’s not uncommon for viewers  to be hurt after the loss of one of their favorite creators.

With over 222k followers on the short-form video app, ‘UncleSteveTok’ gained the love of many from all areas of the world with his love for pizza and flavored water in his favorite water cup… And, he showed many people how to live as an adult with Down Syndrome.

Unfortunately, the TikToker succumbed to an unknown illness on June 7, 2022, and fans are paying respects to their favorite creator.

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Uncle Steve TikTok passes away

In late May, Uncle Steve’s niece revealed that the popular TikToker had fallen ill and would be taking some time away from creating videos. Unfortunately, just a week later, Steve’s brother-in-law Mike revealed that he succumbed to the illness and passed away on June 7.

Mike said: “I am unfortunately reporting that Steve passed this morning, peacefully. We want to thank everyone. Steve loved the TikTok, it’s something that he did every day for several hours. We appreciate what everybody has done and contributed…

“He was in a lot of pain, like they say he’s in a better place. We’re struggling, but we know he’s well.”

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Fans quickly took to the comments to pay their respects to the creator.

One user said: “Crying while holding my 6mo son with Down Syndrome. We loved his videos and showed us a glimpse of what our son’s future could look like.”

Uncle Steve TikTok

While another user said: “I just know Steve’s eating pizza and drinking bottomless margaritas on the beach with mikes toothbrush in hand! Rest in paradise uncle!”

Hannah Uncle Steve Comment

With almost 21,000 comments on the video since it was uploaded, it’s clear that Uncle Steve was loved by many, many people.

We send our condolences to Uncle Steves’s family and fans.

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