TikTok DJ sparks backlash for cuddling with kitty during loud house party

Virginia Glaze
TikToker goes viral for playing DJ set with cat
Instagram: thatcher / TikTok: @tahtche

A DJ is facing criticism on TikTok after uploading a viral video that showed him burning up the turntables while his pet cat lounged on his shoulders.

If you’re a cat person, you’ll know just how awesome it is to share a cuddly moment with your feline bestie.

However, one TikToker is facing flak after chilling with his kitty in an especially loud environment, leading to concerns over the cat’s health.

TikToker and DJ ‘Thatcher’ is going viral on the platform for uploading a clip of himself tearing up the turntables while an extremely chilled-out Bengal cat relaxes on his shoulders for the “world’s first cat / human DJ duo.”

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The clip has racked up over one million views — and while some commenters find the moment to be super adorable, many others aren’t amused by the video.

In fact, most comments on the TikTok are calling out the DJ for exposing the animal to a potentially unsafe environment as well as extremely loud noise.

Cats’ ears are particularly sensitive for the purpose of detecting prey, so loud noises can potentially damage their ears, “producing temporary or in some cases even permanent hearing loss.”

Bengal cat DJ goes viral
Unsplash.com: Bodi.raw
Experts say that especially loud noises can damage cats’ ears.

As such, many viewers aren’t too jazzed that the Bengal’s ears might have been seriously hurt by the ordeal and are calling for the DJ to be more careful with his pet in the future.

“Bruh come on,” one user wrote. “Bengals got super-sensitive ears (coming from a Bengal owner and DJ lover). You gotta design some headphones for protection or something.”

“Get that cat some ear plugs,” another urged.

“Bro should not be a cat owner,” another viewer claimed.

TikTok bengal dj comments
TikTok: @thatche
Commenters aren’t happy at Thatcher’s cat being exposed to loud sounds.

While Thatcher has yet to officially respond to the backlash, he has uploaded several other videos showing off his travels with his Bengal pet, most of which have been met with positivity.

Whatever the case may be, this Bengal is definitely a cutie – and perhaps deserves a spot in our list of TikTok’s top animal stars.