TikTok cosplayer CaitChristinee goes viral with “normal” Harley Quinn video

TikTok Cosplay Harley Quinn Caitlin ChristineTikTok: caitchristinee

TikToker Caitlin Christine posted the viral video on July 15. Cosplaying as DC legend Harley Quinn, Caitlin said she wanted to show viewers “super(villains) doing normal things.”

TikTok cosplayers aren’t often at the epicenter of viral trends. But that hasn’t stopped certain users from exploding in popularity. The ‘cosplay’ hashtag has over 76 billion views, and users such as Snitchery are known for their cult following.

Caitlin Christine is a very popular member of the cosplay community. Having previously played as Velma, Black Widow and Shrek’s Lord Farquaad, the TikToker has amassed over two million followers. Her videos regularly generate hundreds of thousands of views.

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On July 15, one of Caitlin’s videos hit the one-million mark. In a transformation that would have Margot Robbie quaking; she changed herself into popular DC character Harley Quinn. As of July 17, the video has 1.6 million views.

Film and comic buffs are used to seeing Harley walking around with her iconic baseball bat – but TikTok cosplayer Caitlin had other ideas. Harley’s doppelganger walked purposefully around a laundromat, folding her bloodstained clothes.

Caitlin explained her unexpected set choice throughout the video. “We always see superheroes (and) villains doing epic things,” she said. “What about the rest of the time?”

She then went on to reveal the video was “part one” of a new series; “Superheroes (and villains) doing normal things.”

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TikTok cosplay stars snitchery caitchristineTikTok: wangnaha/snitchery/caitchristinee
The stars of Cosplay TikTok, from L to R: Wang Nahao, Eleanor Barnes (‘Snitchery’) and Caitlin Christine

Viewers responded positively to the impressive cosplay. “I’m in awe,” commented one fan. “I love this so much,” said another.

Others expressed excitement for the rest of the series. “I would love to see more in this series,” stated one fan. “It’s gorgeous!”

Fans are hoping the hotly-anticipated second installment drops soon. In the meantime, you can check out CaitChristinee’s other work on her TikTok.