TikTok stars Chris & Ian end 2-year relationship and fans are devastated

Georgina Smith
Chris and Ian posing for a picture
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Popular TikTok couple Chris Olsen and Ian Paget have confirmed they have ended their relationship after two years, but have assured fans that they are still “best friends.”

Chris and Ian are two popular TikTok stars that have gained a substantial following on the app for sharing funny videos and snippets of their lives that fans loved. Ian has over two million followers on his account, and Chris has six million.

Although fans loved their relationship dynamic, on January 7 they revealed that they had made the decision to end the relationship after two years of being together.

In a video posted to Chris’ TikTok account, the former couple participated in a lighthearted TikTok trend, with the caption: “When you break up but are still best friends.”

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In a statement to E! News, Ian explained: “The past couple of weeks have been difficult for Chris and me, but ultimately, he’s my best friend and always will be. While we’re not boyfriends anymore, we’re excited to explore our new relationship moving forward. We thank everyone for their continued love and support, in a way, this is just the beginning.”

Chris echoed Ian’s sentiment in his own statement, saying: “I’ll always have so much love for Ian. We’ve been through an incredible amount together, and we’ll always be connected in a beautiful way. While we’re going to take some time apart and grow as individuals—this isn’t the end of our time together, but a shift. I can’t wait to keep cheering him on.”

The comment section of their TikTok was flooded with messages from fans who are sad to see the end of the relationship. “Wait….who has custody of us then?! I don’t want to split time!” one comment with over 200,000 likes reads. “The first TikTok couple I cared about,” said another.

Comments on TikTok about Chris and Ian
TikTok: chrisolsen
Many fans were upset to see that their favorite couple on TikTok had split.

However, there were plenty of messages of support for the two viral stars as well from fellow creators and fans.

But with Chris confirming that the pair are still “best friends,” it may not be the end of content from Chris and Ian.