TikTok’s viral ‘Beer Beer, Truck Truck’ song continues to blow up following radio debut

George Birge in Beer Beer Truck TruckYouTube: George Birge

After TikTok user Erynn Chambers made a hilarious country song parody, singer George Birge decided to turn it into an actual song, and it has now even debuted on the radio.

Over the past couple of years, TikTok has become a hub of viral content on the internet, and with Sounds being such a central part of how the app is structured, music has also become a huge part of the platform.

Artists like Olivia Rodrigo get huge popularity boosts thanks to the community on the app, and it even managed to blow up Walker Hayes’ country song ‘Fancy Like,’ with the tune climbing charts and still being featured in plenty of videos.

But Walker isn’t the only country artist who’s seeing just how powerful TikTok can be.

Back in October, TikTok user Erynn Chambers a.k.a. Rynnstar made a video in which she parodied the lyrics to country songs, with the iconic line, “beer beer, truck truck.” The video promptly went viral, with over 1.8 million likes.

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Country singer George Birge then decided to take up the challenge of turning it into an actual song. He posted a video singing the lyrics while playing the guitar, and after people showed interest, he got to work producing the track.

He finally released it on YouTube on June 18, and it has received over 300,000 views so far. And to prove just how powerful TikTok can be when it comes to blowing songs up in the music industry, in mid-August George’s hit reportedly became one of the top 10 most added songs to country radio of the week

Commenters were pleasantly surprised by how good the song is, with one writing: “This is actually crazy how he took someone making fun of country and turned it into something really good.”

The track will no doubt continue to gain popularity as more people find out that Erynn’s viral lyrics have been turned into an actual song, and people who aren’t familiar with TikTok may take an interest after hearing it on the radio.