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TikTok users are getting nostalgic with popular ‘Angeleyes’ sound trend

Published: 10/Jun/2022 14:47

by Georgina Smith


As part of a new trend set to ABBA’s hit ‘Angeleyes,’ TikTok users are getting nostalgic about just about everything from their pets growing up, to TV shows that stopped airing years ago.

One thing people love to do on social media is talk about their childhoods, as they know that there will be thousands of people across the world who might relate to a niche pop culture reference, or a relatable school anecdote.

TikTok is a particularly great place to do this, and hundreds of people have gone viral over the years reminding viewers of long-forgotten TV shows from childhood, or sharing more individual stories personal to the user.


The latest nostalgic trend to take over the app is set to the tune of a sped-up version of the song ‘Angeleyes’ by ABBA, more specifically the lyrics: “Sometimes when I’m lonely I sit and think about him, and it hurts to remember all the good times.”

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@timmythechonk #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen credits to @Marley 🥹 #foryou #fyp #TopGunMode #catsoftiktok2022 #catmom #chonk #catmomlife #kittens #baby #orangetabby #catsoftiktok ♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – tuna (DAR+LING)

As the lyrics would suggest, people are using the song to bring up things from their past that seem to have been largely forgotten, or for reminiscing on the “good times” they had at a certain point in their life.

Some have used it to show what their now grown-up pet looked like as a baby, and others have looked back at particular games or TV shows they loved as a kid that aren’t popular anymore. Several viral videos have also looked back on celebrities who have sadly passed away.


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@laurenpossiblyreal left us on a cliffhanger fr #ReadyForHell #MINDORDERING #fyp #fypシ #mybabysittersavampire #greenscreen ♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – tuna (DAR+LING)

These videos are getting an enormous amount of attention, garnering millions of views and likes. The sound has also had over 270,000 videos made with it, proving just how much TikTok users are loving the chance to share their nostalgia alongside the iconic song.

TikTok has been thriving with trends lately, with things like the ‘first drink vs last drink’ and tortilla slap challenges getting a huge amount of attention.