Theo Von & Brendan Schaub argue Joe Rogan is better than “Hollywood” Oprah

Theo Salaun
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Theo Von and Brendan Schaub used the debate segment on their “King and the Sting” podcast to arrive at a very difficult conclusion: Joe Rogan is a better interviewer and more influential than Oprah Winfrey.

At this point, much of the world — and at the very least, most of the world that the British Empire had once colonized — has seen Oprah interview royal retirees Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. 

While the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, and various media folks like Piers Morgan reacted to the interview, a clip of Von and Schaub received renewed interest. There’s a segment of their podcast in which they take on fan-submitted debate topics. In a recent episode, a man who goes by many names, including Big Girth, asked them a direct question: Rogan or Oprah?

In response, the two dabbled in their subjective experience with Rogan as well as some objective reasons for why he is a better interviewer and more influential person than Oprah — particularly among men. 

First, the duo tried to clarify a few things — whether the questioner meant in terms of influential or overall. Looking at that angle specifically, the tandem came to a strong conclusion, noting that Rogan has been “inspirational” and “influential” to tons of people.

Noting that Oprah had only “put on” others like Dr. Phil, the two called upon their own experiences in discussing how Rogan’s stature has helped grow many more people than Oprah’s has. A possible reason? Von argued that “she’s definitely more the Hollywood side of things.”

Then, in response to Von noting how good Oprah is at interviews, Schaub juxtaposed that against Rogan’s ability to interview anyone — elaborating that “Oprah couldn’t interview like Elon Musk like Joseph Rogan.”

Joe Rogan on his podcast
Joe Rogan has interviewed practically anyone and everyone, from stand-up comedians to billionaires.

Further, the two discuss the nature of their mediums, as the Joe Rogan Experience podcast can’t be quite as easily edited as Oprah’s show. That innate authenticity, meshed with the versatility to put on comedians like Von and Schaub while next jumping into interviews with mainstream figures like Musk, sets Rogan apart in the duo’s minds.

The two agree that it’s easily Rogan in their books, while recognizing that the question is posed to two men, as Von clarifies: “if you’s asking womens, it might be different, you know?”

Still, this segment came out a few weeks before the celebrated Oprah interview with Markle and Harry, so maybe they hadn’t quite gotten the refresher on Oprah’s skillset. It will be interesting to find out if they change their opinion moving forward, based on her re-emergence.