The Sidemen create real-life Fall Guys and it looks hilarious

Sidemen fall guys real lifeYouTube: Sidemen

Popular UK YouTubers the Sidemen took part in a game of real-life Fall Guys — and it looked just as hectic and fun as you could imagine.

Fall Guys has absolutely taken off since it launched on PC and PS4 in August, with the fun minigames offering a unique and hilarious take on the battle royale genre that continues to be massively popular.

If there’s one thing that could make Fall Guys even more fun, though, it’s taking your friends out to try and emulate the game in real life.

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That’s exactly what the Sidemen did, using obstacles from the game itself as well as their own ones to see who could win the crown when the controllers are put down.

Sidemen sitting togetherInstagram: sidemen
The Sidemen have become wildly popular off the back of their original, viral videos.

In the video, uploaded on September 13, the Sidemen took to the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course, complete with Door Dash and Total Wipeout’s Jump Club — all while wearing some of the ridiculous outfits you can find in the actual Fall Guys game.

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Obviously, a group of men in their mid-20’s, dressed as hotdogs and pineapples while maneuvering an obstacle course, can only go one way — and it’s hilarious.

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Watching them try to stay on their feet while bouncing around strange barriers and climb over walls looks as absurd as it sounds, especially when a hotdog is trying to pull a parrot away from the finish line to try and catch up with a nearly-6-foot wolf.

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Rather than have one overall winner, they opted to have winners for each segment of the course. Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter won the first event, followed up by a Door Dash victory for Harry ‘Wroetoshaw’ Lewis, then Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne, Tobi ‘Tobjizzle’ Brown and another Miniminter win rounded out the day.

As one of the most successful YouTubers in the world, KSI will likely be disappointed by his performances, and Vikkstar will probably be looking forward to launching the game up on his PC again.

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While it may not have played out quite in the way that Fall Guys traditionally does, you could argue that Miniminter was the overall winner here, making him arguably the best real life Fall Guys player on YouTube.

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