The Rock teases Joe Rogan Experience episode in the near future

Joe Rogan with The RockSpotify: Joe Rogan Experience / Instagram: TheRock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could be the next mega-popular celebrity to appear on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast after teasing an episode in the near future.

With over 1,700 episodes of the JRE podcast to date, the show has featured a wide range of the world’s most famous figures. From actors and musicians to fellow comedians, there are few A-list celebs remaining that haven’t yet sat across from Rogan.

Perhaps the biggest name on that list of elusive guests, however, is The Rock. The former WWE wrestler turned actor is unquestionably one of the most popular stars alive today and would no doubt be a huge draw for the podcast.

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While schedules haven’t lined up to make this must-watch episode happen just yet, fans might not have to wait much longer. The two cultural icons have teased an episode of the JRE podcast could happen sooner than later.

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast logoJoe Rogan Experience
The JRE podcast has featured hundreds of unique guests since its inception in 2009.

The Rock teases Joe Rogan Experience episode

Although no specific date or even a rough window has been locked in, The Rock recently teased an appearance on Rogan’s podcast.

This teaser came in the form of a reply on Instagram. With Rogan embroiled in another huge controversy, this time losing Spotify billions in value, The Rock came out to show his support.

“Great stuff here brother,” he said after watching Rogan’s 10-minute response to the latest drama. “Perfectly articulated.”

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While countless others were chiming in with similar praise, The Rock’s comment stood out with the most likes for one key reason. The world-famous celeb hinted at a future appearance on Rogan’s show.

“Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you.”

The Rock replies to Joe Rogan on InstagramInstagram: JoeRogan
The Rock was among dozens who showed support amid Rogan’s latest wave of controversy.

Obviously, it’s not a ton to go off just yet. But it is a clear-cut sign The Rock will sit across from Rogan down the line. Exactly when it might happen or how long the episode will be, is all up in the air.

We do already know, however, the two have plans to get rowdy when that day finally comes on the popular Spotify podcast.

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